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Who is the best Indian Cricket Captain? Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni ( WITH STATS)

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni these are the two best Indian Cricket captain or you can say the two pillar of Indian cricket that changed the whole dynamics of Indian cricket team over a decade.

Who is the best Indian Cricket Captain? Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni ( WITH STATS)

Who is best captain Dhoni vs Virat 

Who is the best Indian Cricket Captain? Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni ( WITH STATS)

                                                                                                                                             INDIAN BEST CAPTAIN       

MATCH :           332200
WON:                 178 128
LOSS:                120 55
DRAW:                15 10
TIED:                    6 3
WIN%           53.16% 64%

Being India Captain is not at all easy and its a  toughest job. captain has to think about the team along with this own performance and all the needful Tactics. The best cricket captains of Indian Cricket have to on and off field issue and  dealt with all the minute stuff  in order to make there team unbeaten and  led their side to success.

First Ganguly then MS Dhoni and now Virat who turned Indian cricket around with his leadership skills and clarity of thought. Under these three Great Captain of Indian cricket India won matches away while as well as in Home .

Best Cricket captain of all time for India 

  • Ganguly led India to Natwest Series and Champions Trophy win in 2002 . 
  • Under the Dhoni captaincy  India won the 2007 World T20, 2011 Cricket World Cup and the 2013 Champions Trophy under his captaincy. Dhoni is a very great calm and very composed captain as well as player Dhoni doesn’t wilt under pressure. He always kept his cool while playing matches against mighty opponent .

Who is the better captain Dhoni, Virat kohli or Sourav ?

The cricket captain with the most wins is not necessarily the best captain . Point is how he managed the team and make there team very impactful and know how to use the resource properly. Under Dhoni's captaincy India won 3 ICC Trophies , Under Virat captaincy India won 0 ICC Trophy and Under Sourav captaincy India won 1 ICC Trophy.

Who is the Greatest captain Virat kohli, Dhoni or Sourav? 

Many Cricket lovers prefer MS Dhoni and Sourav over Virat kohali as the all time best Captain of Indian Cricket. 
Dhoni and Sourav was street smart cricketer and the Captain who know how to change the players on the crucial time. Kohli as a batsman is great and his intent on the field is superb. The way Virat perform and have faith in himself and his consistently is unmatchable. But Not only compared to Virat but compared to all cricket captains of Indian Cricket history Dhoni has the mind set  who can read the match very quickly and react according to it his out of box tactics which already cricket fans have witness in final of T20 world cup . Fielding positioning or to choose the  bowler Dhoni was the best in that business .

Dhoni has the great presence of mind while doing captaincy he took many great decision which changes the whole game equation many times. Dhoni always examine the pitch, batsman’s weakness and there mindset and strengths and he made game plans according to that. In many occasion we saw that Bowler  credited to sheer brilliant mind of MS Dhoni. Virat kohli on the other hand sometimes seen very much absent and loosing there calm on the field in terms of the above mentioned subjects.

The Best Indian Cricket captain Record 

On the basis of statistics, Virat is leading and has more number in wins over Dhoni and Sourav. and these days he did great and Indian teams are on safe hands and holding number 1 team. When Dhoni was handed over captaincy by Sourav teams like Sri Lanka, Australia, England, Pakistan,South Africa and even West Indian were having their great players intact and they are brutal they got great team along with all time great power hitter batsmen. 

Dhoni has always promoting players to their best potential.Virat is the good captain. It is Virat Kohli under whom India’s batting department has developed very much. But there are certain areas where he needs to look at. 

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