Monday, 8 June 2020

This Country confirms that they wants to host IPL2020, BCCI will announce on 10th June

IPL 2020 was postponed indefinitely because of the corona virus epidemic.Now after lock down is over the people looking forward to IPL 13. In such a situation, ECB said that they wants to organize IPL 2020. The Emirates Cricket Board wants to organize IPL 13.
This Country confirms that they wants to host IPL2020, BCCI will announce on 10th June

Previously IPL 2020 was to start in 29th March. Arun Dhawan treasurer of the BCCI said that BCCI will try to organize the IPL 2020 in India itself and if not they are looking forward to organize in other country too. But final and end decision will be taken by the BCCI.

At the same time, ICC also wants to start international cricket as soon as possible. For this, ICC Cricket introduce 7 rules.In the year 2009, and 2014, the IPL event was held abroad. In 2009, South Africa hosted the IPL. In 2014, India hosted the IPL with UAE.

All eyes are now on the ICC where it will be decided on June 10 whether the 2020 T20 World Cup will be held in Australia or not.
BCCI wants to organize IPL 13 in October. If IPL 13 was organized, it would mean that ICC World Cup 2020 will not be held this year.Talking to Gulf News, Mubashir Usmani said that if BCCI wants, we would like to jointly host IPL 13. The BCCI will take its final decision.

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In 2014, the UAE jointly organized the IPL. ECB takes care of everything from organizing IPL.
The genral secretary of the ECB also said that England and India can use their ground for cricket. They have experience in how the event is organized.

According to the ECB, UAE has every good facilities, security for cricket. He has organized some matches for India and England in the past. Usmani also said that if BCCI gives permission, he will definitely organize IPL 13.According to Usmani , UAE has great facilities so that it has managed to attract the attention of England and Wales Cricket Board.

Everyone is eyeing the IPL 2020 event. At the same time, let us tell you that Sri Lanka Cricket Board has also spoken about getting IPL 13 done in our country. It will be interesting to see where the IPL 2020 takes place.
Let us see where IPL 13 is held. According to you where IPL 2020 should be organized. Give your opinion
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