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IPL 2020: IPL 2020 may host by this country,BCCI is ready to conduct IPL outside

Every effort is being made to have the 13th edition of IPL 2020. Where the Government of India has also started giving conditional bussiness visa. Let us tell you that due to Corona virus infection, IPL 2020 has been changed more than 3 times. Hence, a big update is coming for the IPL 2020 where Bcci is considering the offer of getting the IPL outside India as well.

IPL 2020: IPL 2020 may host by this country,BCCI is ready to conduct  IPL outside

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At this days it will be clear where IPL 2020 will be played

A meeting is scheduled to be held on 10 June where it will be clear whether IPL 13 will be conducted this year. It will also be decided whether the IPL 13 can be replaced or not if the World Cup 2020 which was to be held in November and October is canceled. Let us tell you that there is a possibility that the IPL should be held abroad. Even before, the IPL has been held abroad.

IPL was organized in these years Abroad

In the year 2009, and 2014, the IPL event was held abroad. In 2009, South Africa hosted the IPL. In 2014, India hosted the IPL with UAE.
All eyes are now on the ICC where it will be decided on June 10 whether the 2020 T20 World Cup will be held in Australia or not.
The IPL 2020 edition of the IPL  was first conducted on March 29 which  has been postponed to indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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This Country may host IPL 2002 

First IPL 2020 will be fully tried to be done in India, but if it does not happen, BCCI may think of getting the game done in Sri Lanka, UAE, while the options for other countries are also open. The IPL is the most expensive league in the world, where there is a gathering of veterans of the country and abroad with money, and the absence of IPL will be a big loss deal, so every possible effort to get IPL 2002 will be seen by the BCCI.

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