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World Cup 1975-2019: India's journey in the World Cup

The first semi-final match of the World Cup 2019 will be played on 9 July at the ground of Manchester between India and New Zealand. The two-time champions in the World Cup are at the top of the points table for the India World Cup 2019. At the same time, the Indian team is considered to be a strong contender for the title this time. Let's talk further about India's journey to the World Cup and know how the performance has been in each season.

World Cup 1975-2015: India's journey in the World Cup

World Cup 1975-2019: India's journey in the World Cup

Year 1975: India reached the group stage.
Year 1979 : Up to the group stage.
Year 1983: World Cup winners
Year 1987: Semi Finals
1992: Up to group stage
Year 1996: Semi Finals
Year 1999: Super Six
Year 2003: Finalists enter
Year 2007: Group Stage
Year 2011: World Cup winners
Year 2015: Semi-final
Year 2019: Semi final

Year (1975-2015): World Cup winning teams

Year 1975: West Indies
1979: West Indies
Year 1983: India
Year 1987: Australia

In 1983, under the leadership of Kapil Dev, India defeated the West Indies and won the World Cup.
1992: Pakistan
Year 1996: Sri Lanka
Year 1999: Australia

Year 2003: Australia 
Year 2007: Australia
Year 2011: India

Year 2015: Australia 
India became the second World Cup winner in 2011 under Dhoni's captaincy. Let us tell you that India has twice been the winner of the World Cup year (1983 and 2011).

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