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If IPL-13 is canceled, then which country will lose most money, List of top-9 country

The IPL 2020 was first postponed to 15 April due to the Corona epidemic. But now that the government is looking at the situation, the possibility of organizing the 13th season of the IPL tournament seems unlikely. So, this is bad news for the cricket fans. Let's talk about which country player will have IPL season 13 canceled. The maximum loss, which has been given further information. Let us tell you that players from many countries apply to be included in the IPL, out of which only a few players are allowed to participate in the auction. The process gives place. Where the absence of IPL, along with the players of the IPL, the owners of the IPL may have to suffer a big loss.

If the IPL matches are not played in the year 2020, then see which country's player will suffer the most loss.

If IPL-13 is canceled, then which country will lose most money, List of top-9 country

  1. Indian Player: Loss of 358.15 Crore
  2. Australia players: loss of 86.75 crores
  3. West Indies players: loss of 56.95 crores
  4. England players: loss of 43.80 crores
  5. South Africa players: Loss of 34.60 crores
  6. New Zealand players: loss of 15.68 crores
  7. Afghanistan players: loss of 14 crores
  8. Sri Lankan players: loss of 2.20 crores
  9. Nepal players: loss of 20 lakhs

It is clear from the figures that Indian players will suffer the maximum loss of 358.1 crores.
BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Jai Shah spoke to the owners of the franchise of the IPL where the IPL is now likely to be held in July-September. At the same time, considering the current situation, the possibility of IPL cancellation has become more.

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