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ICC Men's 2020 T20 World Cup Schedule

ICC Men's 2020 T20 World Cup Schedule

October 24 - Australia vs Pakistan (Sydney Cricket Ground)
October 24 - India vs South Africa (Perth Stadium)
October 25 - New Zealand vs West Indies (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
October 25 - Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2 (Bellerive Oval)
October 26 - Afghanistan vs Qualifier A2 (Perth Stadium)
October 26 - England vs Qualifier B1 (Perth Stadium)
October 27 - New Zealand vs Qualifier B2 (Bellerive Oval)
October 28 - Afghanistan vs Qualifier B1 (Perth Stadium)
October 28 - Australia vs West Indies (Perth Stadium)
October 29 - India vs Qualifier A2 (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
October 29 - Pakistan vs Qualifier A1 (Sydney Cricket Ground)
October 30 - England v South Africa (Sydney Cricket Ground)
October 30 - West Indies vs Qualifier B2 (Perth Stadium)
October 31 - Pakistan vs New Zealand (Gabba)
October 31 - Australia vs Qualifier A1 (GABA)
November 1- India vs England (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
November 1- South Africa vs Afghanistan (Adelaide Oval)
November 2 - Qualifiers A2 vs Qualifiers B1 (Sydney Cricket Ground)
November 2 - New Zealand vs Qualifier A1 (GABA)
November 3- Pakistan vs West Indies (Adelaide Oval)
November 3- Australia vs Qualifier B2 (Adelaide Oval)
November 4- England vs Afghanistan (GABA)
November 5- South Africa vs Qualifier A2 (Adelaide Oval)
November 5- India vs Qualifier B1 (Adelaide Oval)
November 6 - Pakistan vs Qualifier B2 (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
November 6- Australia vs New Zealand (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
November 7- West Indies vs Qualifiers A1 (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
November 7- England vs Qualifier A2 (Adelaide Oval)
November 8- South Africa vs Qualifier B1 (Sydney Cricket Ground)
November 8- India vs Afghanistan (Sydney Cricket Ground)

Semi finals
November 11 - First semi-final (Sydney Cricket Ground)
November 12 - First semi-final (Adelaide Oval)

November 15 - Final (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
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