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Study is very important but place of study is also playing a crutial role in success of a  student . Behind the success of the student ,study place play a vital role for the great outcome of result and there success . Below are the top ten feature of study Place student must have .
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  • The place is predefined as  the Study place and not used for other entertenment purpose ,it only used for studying purpose.
  • Proper ligting in room  is must so that you are focused towards your study without any stress on your eyes.
  • It has supply of clean freash air so that you won't feel suffocated or feel lack of air to breathe.
  • The study place must hav a fair distance from any distractions like T.V or music player or guest room .
  • You have a proper arrangment at home sothat you dont need to worry about to go to home or anything .
  • It is enriched with the facility like drinking water,fan,rest room.
  • Study place must have enough place where one can easily place there study material .
  • Table and chair is must so that one can sit and study for hours .
  • It is better if the place got power backup and you should have least one backup study place ,If  in case your place is  occupied you can go for your backup place .
  • The study place should contains the motivational images ,picture,inspirational quotes sothat student feel motivated 
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