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How to set your Goal ,The Magic of GOAL Making .

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To get anything in life we need a proper plan with a proper goal in order to achieve the goal we need to focus on it and always do smart work to make thing happen .If we don't have goal in our life we never succeed ,

Five Steps to help you to set your Goal.

1- Write down what you want in actually .
Goal is not only to set a target and achieve it ,Goal is all about the setting  the target in every part of your life,it may be related to your career your money planing ,your relationship .So just make your mindset clear what you actually want .that helps you to make and plan your goal clearly

2- write down your plan on a paper and stick too your wall .
To increase your commitment to achieve those goal you need to focus with complete mindset .

3- Make sure if you set your goal the ACTION plan is vital .
So act smart and always be realistic ,passionate and always by honest to yourself ,This is key point .

4- Commitment is the basic ingredient .
Commit what you do and always do what you commit . determination is the key . don't stop yourself keep pushing yourself .

5- Be motivated and optimistic .
Always look forward in order to make your dream and your goal accomplish .To achieve a goal or to reach higher we need to take a small step in order to reach the destination so keep calm be motivated be real determined and just go for it .Its like old people saying there is no meaning of life if you don't have goal in your life .its never too late to set a goal .Take a step now don't eat today until you have written down your goal and take a further steps, no matter how slow you are the thing which matters that you are following the path to get your target .
A goal thats only in the mind is no goal until unless you work on it .
So get up set your Goal and just get it .
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