Sunday, 25 June 2017

Why does ice float ?

The density is the key , As ice have less density then water ,it is because the bonding between water and molecule .
Water is having Unique Quality and property related to freezing .
Water expands when it freezes into solid by about 9 per cent and as result ice is less dense than water .
When a liquid freezes ,it freezes all the atom and molecule stop zooming round and settle down into a regular pattern .The lower density of ice makes life on earth possible .If ice don't float it would sink .

In Liquid water the hydrogen bonding actually allows the molecule to get closer together then the particles that makes up most other liquid about 15 percent closer .as water cools, its molecules have less energy and they slow down cluster together .This continues until water reaches to max density at about 4 degree centigrate. each water molecule starts to form all the four of its possible hydrogen bonds .by the water freezes at o degree it looks more like lattice with much more open structure .
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