Sunday, 25 June 2017

Rule of Success , Networking

Rule of Success -

Success is a game ,the more you play more times you wins ,and the more time you win more successfully u will play .
Lets Apply the Rule of Networking -
Always ask people to join you ,the better you become at asking ,the more people you get . in short you need to ask lots of people to join you .

Law 1
Try to talk to everyone no matter what ,don't become a prospecting snob who tries to push hard or psych prospect out of the desk. if your business is not going good or building as quickly as you thought of ,increase your output.increased activity is a cure all for most of the worries you will ever have . Talk to each and everyone .

Law 2
keep checking people ,keep calling them build your network ,built effective phone book . talk to everyone gather information .

Law 3
networkers need to see there prospect ,continually tell your story to each and everyone , you willl become outrageous success .

The Law of Average governs the success of every activity in life . it means that if you do the same thing the same way the result will come same .
Record you ration .recording average and statistics keeps you positive and on track .

To Sustained motivation and handling of rejection .When your focus is on your averages the rest does not bother you .If someone says No you might become despondent ,if doors does not open , you could feel depressed, when you accept and understand the Law of average none of that matters by keeping statistics of your calls new members, you will quickly develop your own set of average.

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