Sunday, 25 June 2017

Positive Body Signals

The Head-Tilt 
We tilt our head when we are interested in what we see or hear.If your prospect is tilting, keep presenting. If his heading straitens,wobbles or is dropped onto his chest get involvement or change direction .

Hand to Cheek
This shows a positive evaluation of your presentation. The hand rests on the cheek but does not support the heads. The finger usually touches the temple.if the heads begins to be supported.

Touching Pen to Mouth
This is a form of of evaluation and can beed seen when the person is trying to reach a decision . It can also be used to stall making a decision because the person feels justified in not answering while their mouth is occupied.

Leaning In
We move closer to people and things we find interesting attractive this is not to be confused with the starter position which looks similar but both hands are on the knees .

The Steeple 
This gesture can be read as a solitary gesture and it displays a cool confident attitude .Confidence about their own knowledge of the subject .The context under which it is used will give you the answer.

Protruding Thumbs
Thumbs can protrude from coat pockets.lapel. Thumbs signal a superior attitude confident and cool similar to that of the steeple gesture .Unwise to use this gesture in front of your audience as it can also be read as a smug or arrogant attitude.

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