Thursday, 20 April 2017

TOP 10 Worst tech prediction of all time

Some forecasts of the future are made with remarkable clarity.others completely miss the marks .
1-  Sir Alan Sugar 
In 2005Next Christmas the iPod will be dead finished 

2-Ken Olsen (founder of digital equipment )
no need of computer at home .
3- Alex Lewyt.Pricident of lefty corp vacuums company 
Nuclear powered vacuum cleaners will be probably be realistic within ten years .
4- Darryl Zanuck
Tv won't last because people getting tired of seeing plywood box
5-Boeing engineer said in 1933
There will never be a bigger plan build 
6- US postmaster general Arthur Summerfield,1959
We stand on the threshold of a rocket mail .
7-Bill Gates
Nobody would ever need more then of 640 kb of the memory on there personal computer .
8- Sir Williams
The American have need of the telephone ,but we don not ,we have plenty of messenger boys .
9-Bill Gates 
Spam will be solved 
10-Lord Kelvin 
X-rays will prove to be a hoax.
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